5 autumn photo locations in Krasnoyarsk

You can't even imagine how photogenic the autumn nature is! The gloomy sky only emphasizes the colors of the fallen leaves and highlights the contours of the trees. Therefore, here are the top 5 places from us for the most spectacular shots this fall:
► Torgashinsky ridge. You are guaranteed a fantastic view of the Stolby and the city. And the wedding photos on the rocks come out amazing! Wah!
► Waterfront in Divnogorsk. Swings, benches, pigeons, huge letters overlooking the Marvelous Mountains are a great combination of urban and nature. Bonus: there is an exhibition of the brightest paintings by street artists on the waterfront, which will become a wonderful background for portraits. You can also arrange a photoshoot in the train to Divnogorsk - the light falling into its windows is so good.
► Tatyshev ostrov (river island). The nature here is so diverse: the smooth surface of the ponds, the river, and the centuries-old poplar trees that spad their branches in the field ... And also stylish gazebos, a picturesque terrace near the cafe, cable-stayed bridge. Ah, just a treasure trove of photographic locations in one place.
► National Park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby". Photoshoots among huge bizarre stones always look great. Especially now, when the rocks are covered with snow, the setting is like from "Game of Thrones". And of course, Stolby is probably one of the best locations in the city for shooting the starry sky.
► Rock Sentry bull (Karaulny byk). Perhaps there is no more epic view of the mighty Yenisei and its banks in the outskirts of Krasnoyarsk. High, a little scary, but insanely beautiful.
Attention! Say cheese!
Photo: Olga Tsaplina, Anastasia Dolores, Lada Miller, Mark Bazuev, Sergey Filinin
Photo: Pavel Horst

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