5 not typical facts about typical Norilsk

Dear Norilsk, a city of factories, northern lights, fierce cold and hot hearts, this is what everyone should know about you:

► Norilsk does not always have winter. Summer comes in mid-June or July. Usually sharp. Heat + 30–32 ° C can stand for ten days, in some years it was warm a whole month. For the next August week, for example, it will rain and the temperature will not rise above 15 ° C.
► In Norilsk, reindeer do not walk in the streets. Deer are brought by helicopter from the tundra on holidays. For example, on the holiday of Big Argish to create a marvellous atmosphere and take great pictures.

► In Norilsk, house numbers on buildings are written two-meter high. Not at all, but on the panel nine-story buildings. They do this because in a snowstorm it is not always possible to come closer to consider the number, and huge numbers can be seen from afar.

► In the suburbs of Norilsk there are clean lakes where you can swim in the summer in peace, BUT it is better not to step on the ground, because there is ice. The lakes simply do not have time to warm up completely.
► A taxi in the city costs only 100 rubles and arrives very quickly.

Source: www.factroom.ru

The author of the photo for the pview is Alexander Ivanov.
The author of the photos for the article, we did not find, unfortunately ...

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