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Yulia Verkhushina, the head of the Tourism Agency of the Krasnoyarsk region, is not only a passionate person, but also an inveterate tourist. In the summer of 2020, she even created her ownTelegram channelabout traveling to local beautiful places. In an easy and completely innocent language, she shared her favorite routes with readers. Well, we did not hesitate to quote three of them for our heading about tourism in the cold season.


In the evening on a weekday, I propose a short walk - from the Krasny Ridge towards the Arka, walk about a kilometer along the ridge (there will be red markings on the trees, you won't get lost). Choose a comfortable place and sit down to watch the panoramas. Make a wish along the way - there will be a special place for this. You will see the Bazaikha river valley, the Takmak, Ermak, Vorobushki rocks. And a little to the right - the Yenisei and the city. You can return on weekends and make a longer distance to the Arka or even to the Chernaya Sopka. It's simple - follow the red markers in the trees.

How to get there?
More convenient - by car. We go to the Yenisei station, then we turn onto Meditsinskiy lane, then turn uphill opposite the house number 20. The way is not the easiest - up the dubious road through the dachas. But go straight to the Krasny ridge. I do not recommend driving low cars, especially after rain. But I usually drive a Citroen without problems, although sometimes it is quite nervous. You can leave your car

If you go by bus, then you get to the stop "Meditsinskiy Pereulok" (there are 9 buses) or "Parashutnaya" (there is one bus) and go towards the ski base. The path goes through the "Zdorove" dachas. I advise girls not to go alone - dogs can jump out, and Friday lovers.

Difficulty level: bearable. There will be a couple of climbs. Take sticks if you have. For an unppared person, climbs are not pleasant, but rather short. But even my mom managed. And once I was there in heels (don't ask why) and I managed

You will thank yourself if you are warmly dressed, in comfortable shoes, if you take something that you can sit on, and if you have enough tea in a thermos or water with you, there are no streams.



The route is within the city. It's not far, easy to go there, but through dachas and private houses. But then it will definitely be beautiful.

How to get there?
In winter, I left my car at the final stop of bus route 12 in the Udachny microdistrict, but in summer, when there is no snow and ice, you can drive all the way to the rocks. The route to Golubka passes through the dachas. 2GIS to help you →

Golubka Rock

As soon as you park and in front of you is a completely magical pine forest. Follow the road, don't hesitate. Breathe, take pictures! Go to the place for about 3 kilometers. You will see the rock, but you will not immediately understand that this is it, since we approach it from behind. And if you go to a fork in the road, then you will see a majestic mountain. It stands on the banks of the Yenisei, as if it will take off now. On the other side you can see Ovsyanka.

Karaulny byk rock
And since we got to the Golubka, we cannot pass by the Karaulny byk rock. Moreover, this place is very clearly visible from the observation deck "Tsar-fish". By the way, Victor Astafiev mentioned this rock in his books. There is also a system of caves where ancient people stayed at one time. But you shouldn't there without an instructor and equipment. And we do not have such a task.

Since the places are still wild, not equipped in any way, you need to be careful. Find a path between the trees. It will lead you to the observation deck at the top of the cliff. From there, an absolutely magnificent view of the Yenisei, Ovsyanka and Siberian nature opens up. 

The route is not difficult. No steep climbs, not far to go. Therefore, such a walk to Golubka and Karaulny byk will take no more than four hours. I always take time to take pictures, look around and breathe. Otherwise, why is this all ?! :)


There are several viewing platforms in the Gremyachaya Griva eco-park. I'll tell you about the one that I like most. But before that - download the application "Krasnoyarsk Hiking" or at least "Maps me". On any of these maps, as well as on the signs of the eco-park, there is Vidovka No. 5 (5th vidovka of the TRP ski track). There, in 2019, they put benches, a gazebo against rain and wind, horizontal bars and built an observation deck (I write as if it was done by some unknown people :)) Here you can walk, have a picnic, take pictures and, of course, breathe in the fresh forest air ...

How to get there?
There are two main routes.

If you have time, drive to the Biathlon Academy and follow the paths here. The path will be about 8 km. A bit hard for beginners, but it's a real hike! But you need to know how to use maps. It's cool if you don't go back by the same route, but go down the path through the forest to Elena Stasova Street and
from there you will be picked up. This is much shorter than going back. So, then leave your car in the parking lot near the Biathlon Academy stop, go down from the barrier, go through the visit center, further down and to the right, along the eco trail. Cross the ravine and follow the right path. See the app and pointer signs further. You need to go to the red trail of the TRP. There are many route options. You can go to other vidovkas along the way. The signs will say “Vidovka No. 5”, “Observation Deck”.

And now an option for those who do not have much time. You can come right to Elena Stasova Street. Leave your car at a fork along this geotag. Cross the road and follow the path to Vidovka №5. The path will be approximately 1 km 300 meters. The ascents are not steep, smooth, but uphill all the time. Forest trail. Return by the same route. In total, the journey is only about 3 km.

Take a snack. In the gazebo all the time you want to take some tea. And take your trash bag with you. Don't leave trash in the forest. And if you see garbage, take it with you. It will not be difficult for you. And it is so nice in the forest!

Fifth Vidovka on Maps me

Photographs by Sergei Filinin, Petr Urozaev and from our archives are used for the article

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