X Karatag at the Great Water Festival

On July 6, on the shore of the Big (Bolshoe) Lake in the Sharypovsky District, the anniversary X Festival "Karatag at the Great Water" will be held. The collectives of cities and districts of the Krasnoyarsk Region and the neighboring regions will present their concert programs here and will deploy farmsteads, where they will demonstrate their talents, folk customs, costumes and cuisine. Guests of the holiday will see exhibitions of works by local artisans, master classes, sports competitions and demonstration performances, excursions to historical and archaeological monuments of the Sharypovsky district, and a playground for the youngest participants of the festival. Also in 2019, two contests for everyone will be held at the festival: “Junk Art” (the second life of things and materials) and the competition of umbrellas and hats “Sun, Rain and Beauty”.

At the evening program for guests, the organizers of the festival will prepare a disco, performance of musical groups, film screenings in the open air and colorful fireworks in the final.

► The festival is held at the Volna recreation center in the village of Parnaya. Beginning: July 6 at 12:00.