Angara Land Holiday

June 29 in the village of Nevonka in Boguchansky district there there is a traditional holiday Land of Angara. For 11 years this event has attracted guests not only from the Angara region, but also from all over Russia. Its main theme is the gratitude to Mother Earth for her love and patience towards people. On this day, you will hear poems glorifying nature, old Russian songs, performed to the accompaniment of gusli, kugikl, zhaleika and balalaika, as well as songs with a guitar. Dances and round dances, a fair of local artisans, fairy tales around a fire, ancient rituals, national games and heroic competitions aalso await the guests of the holiday.

After the festival the guests will be able to go to the open-air museum of wooden architecture, which is located 5 km from the village of Nevonka, to the maral breeding farm and to the forest for ecological wild plants.